ACCSAF1 Position is Vacant

  • VATSAF is looking for a creative, innovative and energetic person to take on the role of Director - South Africa vACC (ACCSAF1).

    The duties that the incumbent would need to fulfil include the following:

    • Overseeing of all training operations within the vACC.

    • Management and motivation of all staff members.

    • Calling of meetings and compilation of quarterly reports as well as reports as required.

    • Maintain a positive, professional and relationship with all ACCSAF members.

    • Be responsive to ACCSAF e-mails.

    • Be accountable to ACCSAF staff, members and the VATSAF Division.

    • Maintain open communication lines with all concerned.

    • Be active on the VATSIM network and ACCSAF Discord Server.

    • The Director may also create a deputy for each position listed above and may also create positions for sundry staff should the need arise, with the same requirements and for an indefinite period.

    The successful candidate should have the following qualifications:

    • Should be an active member of the network for 2 years.

    • Must hold a minimum of a C1 rating.

    • Must be in good standing with the rest of the network.

    If you’d like to be part of this dynamic and exciting vACC, please send a short CV to by Monday 27 January 2019.

    George Condes



    VATSIM Southern Africa Division Director