Fifteen Legs over 30 Weeks, Who will be the Ultimate Explorer?

How It Works;

Explore VATSAF has been designed to give pilots the opportunity to explore countries within the VATSAF Airspace. The Journey takes you to 13 different countries over 30 weeks divided up into 15 legs. Each pilot is awarded points and there is a draw at the end of Leg 15 for some awesome prizes.

The Point System Explained;

Each Pilot is required to book their flight on the VATSAF website (www.vatsaf.net.za) in order to be eligible for points. The booking system will open on the Monday before that weekends leg and close on Friday at Midnight before that weekends leg. One point is awarded for each item completed successfully and they are listed below;

► Correct Route Flown

► Correct Air frame Class Used

► Flight Plan Filed Correctly

► Screenshot of Arrival & Departure posted to VATSAF Facebook Page

► Successfully completing a route

REMEMBER you have to book on the website to be eligible for points. A draw will take place after leg 15 where you stand a chance to win awesome prizes. The more points you have the more entries you get into the draw.

Air Frame Classes;

We have chosen a recommended Airframe Class for each leg. This will be published in the pilot briefing for each Leg. You do not have to fly within these guidelines however if you do not you will not receive the Air Frame point for that leg. The Air Frame classes are listed Below;

► Class A: B744, B748, B787, A340, A330

► Class B: B733, B734, B735, B736, B737, B738, A318, A319, A320, A321, Q400, CRJ, E145

► Class C: B90, B200, B300, TWIN, C210, C208, C182, C172, C152

► Class H: HELI

General Information;

This event will start on Sunday the 14th October 2018 and End on the 28th April 2019. Each leg will happen every second Sunday. A live leader board will be shown on the VATSAF Website so you can see which pilot has the most points. Yes lets get competitive :). The Booking System opens on the Monday before the following weekends leg and closes at midnight on Friday. ATC coverage will be provided for the duration of each leg. In order to be eligible for points the pilot MUST be connected to the VATSIM Network for the duration of their flight. Each leg will have a detailed pilot briefing in order for pilots to prepare for each leg accordingly.

Should you have any questions please email vatsaf1@vatsaf.net.za

See you in the VATSAF Skies